Accelerated Ageing Test System



Mohaupt 500Hz systems are suitable for long-term testing of high-capacitive test objects like power cables, in order to perform accelerated aging-tests at a fix frequency of 500Hz.


  • Reliable operation in industrial environment
  • Remotely accessible and automatic system operation
  • Automatic data recording and reporting
  • Easy test setup
  • Low weight and easy handling


The 500Hz system consists of Parallel Compensation Reactors (PCRs), a transformer and a control system.
- Tuning of the system by changing the number of PCRs
- Tank type transformer with reliable, maintenance-free operation in industrial environment
- Modularity of PCRs allows a flexible adaption of the test set-up according to requirements of the test object
- Frequency converter equipped with sinus filter to avoid harmonics
- Control system with numerous functions for automatic and manual operation and data recording/reporting

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