Standard Capacitors

Compressed gas insulated high precision capacitors for C/tan delta measurement, or very accurate voltage measurement



Gas insulated standard capacitors are used for high voltage measurements of capacitance and loss factor, as a reference normal. They can also be used as a very accurate HV section of a capacitive voltage divider. The standard version is for indoor use, however a special outdoor design is available upon request. Mohaupt standard capacitors can be used in combination with any kind of modern loss factor measurement equipment.


  • Extremely low loss factor and high stability of capacitance
  • Unaffected by external field influences (proximity effects)
  • Excellent voltage performance even under high humidity conditions
  • Calibration at certified laboratory available upon request

Technical Data

TypeNominal voltage (kV)Capacitance (pF)Loss factorPartial discharge level at Un (pC)Impulse test voltage 1.2/50 µs (kV)
NK 200200100< 1 x 10-5< 2400
NK 30030050< 1 x 10-5< 3600
NK 40040050 ± 0.25< 1 x 10-5< 3800
NK 60060033.3 ± 0.2< 1 x 10-5< 31200
NK 80080025< 1 x 10-5< 101600
NK 1000100020< 1 x 10-5<102000
NK 1200120020< 1 x 10-5< 102400

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