Test TransformersTank type



Mohaupt test transformers are turn-key solutions designed upon request, individually according to your needs.

Tank type test transformers are suitable for laboratory testing of low capacitive, inductive or resistive test objects. Due to the grounded tank they can be placed outside a shielded enclosure or the lab building, just having the bushing inside.


  • Fully encapsulated, low insulation space requirements
  • Internal compensation for high capacitive load currents
  • Low input power requirements in case of primary compensation
  • Split of primary winding to extend load range for lower voltages
  • Can be extended by high voltage compensation (PCR)
  • Excellent cooling performance with radiators or forced cooling
  • Reliable, maintenance-free operation in industrial environment


The design of Mohaupt test transformers follows the proven and established design rules of test transformers. To ensure proper flux distribution and reduce deviation of the short circuit impedance in case of cascading, MHV transformers are equipped as a standard with internal compensation windings. These compensation windings also allow to transmit power beside the iron core, which enables high power transformer cascades for testing capacitive test objects with a rather low input power.

The robust and reliable design offers a maximum test power at a minimum foot print in addition. Cooling can be air natural (radiators on steel tank) or forced with water cooling.

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