Voltage Dividers / Coupling CapacitorsFor DC Application

Mohaupt voltage dividers/coupling capacitors are built according to customer specification in voltage and capacitance. Please contact us.



In order to measure voltage and or PD on DC test systems an appropriate divider fulfilling the specifications acc. to IEC 60060-1 and IEC60060-2 is required.

Mohaupt dividers and coupling capacitors do fulfill this specification.

Dividers/coupling capacitors can be extended by a blocking impedance to act as a PD filter.

Of course the capacitors are capable to withstand transient voltage stresses in case of flash overs.

All dividers/coupling capacitors can be equipped with any type of PD measurement equipment acc. to IEC 60270.

The PD equipment itself is available at Mohaupt as a trading product. Mohaupt recommends the use of Omicron PD equipment: Omycron Energy


  • Multiple functions in one unit: voltage divider, coupling capacitor
  • Compatible with all kind of PD equipment
  • space and cost efficient
  • reliable performance / withstands transient voltages
  • small dimensions and weight, due to modern insulation materials


Mohaupt voltage dividers/coupling capacitors are built in the latest insulation technology: Insulation materials used are Jarylec and Polypropylene film stacks. This gives a maximum of insulation performance at small size and high capacitance.

Furthermore, the losses (tan delta) are reduced to a minimum (<10-4). In addition the capacitive branch is graded by an ohmic column to achieve excellent voltage grading during operation and transient stress.

For safety reasons DC dividers/capacitors are equipped with an galvanic ground connection at the the low voltage end.

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