Voltage Dividers / Coupling CapacitorsFor AC Application

To messure PD and/or high voltage acc. IEC 60060-1 and IEC 60270.



In order to measure voltage and or PD on an AC test system an appropriate divider fulfilling the specifications acc. to IEC 60270 and IEC 60060-1, IEC60060-2 is required.

Mohaupt dividers and coupling capacitors do fulfill these specifications and can be used as a base load in case of resonant test systems at the same time. This reduces the floor space required and cost.

Dividers/Coupling capacitors can be extended by a blocking impedance to act as a PD filter.

Of course the capacitors are capable to withstand transient voltage stresses in case of flash overs.

All dividers/coupling capacitors can be equipped with any type of PD measurement equipment acc. to IEC 60270.

The PD equipment itself is available at Mohaupt as a trading product. Mohaupt recommends the use of Omicron PD equipment: Omicron Energy


  • Multiple functions in one unit: voltage divider, coupling capacitor, base load
  • Compatible with all kind of PD equipment
  • Space and cost efficient
  • Reliable performance / withstands transient voltages
  • Small dimensions and weight, due to modern insulation materials


Mohaupt voltage dividers/coupling capacitors are built in the latest insulation technology: Insulation materials used are Jarylec and Polypropylene film stacks. This gives a maximum of insulation performance at small size and high capacitance.

Furthermore, the losses (tan delta) are reduced to a minimum (<10-4).

Mohaupt voltage dividers/coupling capacitors are build according to customer specification in voltage and capacitance. Please contact us.

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